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Innerchange Days

This 2 tape compilation comes
from Jewel's performances at the
Innerchange Coffee House in San
Diego, CA in 1994. This is some of
the earliest Angelfood available.

Innerchange Days

Compiled from performances at the Innerchange Coffee House, San Diego, CA, 1994

Tape 1

  1. Without You By My Side
  2. Billy
  3. Sometimes It Be That Way
  4. His Pleasure Is My Pain
  5. Train Song (Paler Shade of Grey)
  6. A Housewife's Revenge
  7. Been Down So Long
  8. When I Was with You
  9. Money
  10. The Circle Song? (With You I Will Always Be)
  11. All the Animals
  12. Star Child
  13. The Poem Song (Wild Horses)
  14. See Sassy?
  15. The Man Who's Already Gone
  16. 501 Beauty Queen
  17. Silver Satin Wings
  18. Afraid It's Too Late
  19. Walk Away
  20. Chime Bells
  21. I Don't Care
  22. Dance Between Two Women
  23. Momma's Little Hero
  24. Swedish Lullaby? (Wolf & Dolphin)
  25. Can't Take My Soul

Tape 2

  1. Just So Happens
  2. Foolish Games
  3. Tiny Love Spaces
  4. Comfortably Numb
  5. Spivy Leeks
  6. You Were Meant for Me (with Steve Poltz)
  7. Silver Lining (with Steve Poltz)
  8. Food Stamp Love (with Steve Poltz)
  9. Love Is A Rose (with Steve Poltz)
  10. Daddy, She's a Goddess (with Steve Poltz)
  11. Where Have You Gone, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (with Steve Poltz)
  12. Old Lover's House (with Steve Poltz)


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