"I have probably 500 songs in my catalog and a lot of them have been country. So this is a logical place for me to be,"
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1996-01-11 Ocean Beach California USA

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Thursday, January 11, 1996


Ocean Beach, California, USA


Java Joe's


Setlist is likely incomplete

  1. 1,000 Miles Away
  2. Walk Away
  3. You and I?
  4. If This Is What Love Is
  5. I Hate Birthdays (often mislabelled as "Need An Excuse")
  6. Angel Needs a Ride
  7. Buttercup
  8. Fragile Heart
  9. Fading
  10. Now That You Have Me
  11. Things You Don't Say
  12. All the Animals
  13. Emily
  14. Love Me Just Leave Me Alone (early version several extra verses)
  15. Race Car Driver
  16. I Got the Blues More Than You Do Blues
  17. Everbody's Good Time Girl (Joy Eden Harrison)
  18. God Damn Cowboy (Joy Eden Harrison)
    2nd Set:
  19. Little Sister
  20. Foolish Games
  21. Sometimes It Be That Way
  22. Cold Song
  23. A Boy Needs A Bike
  24. All By Myself (by request she tries it but gives up ...almost!)
  25. Unsung In Your Eyes (only time the full song has been performed live)
  26. Nikos
  27. Fat Boy
  28. Chime Bells
  29. Raven

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