I think that as a singer-songwriter, you get held up to this standard where youíre supposed to be so serious all the time and stand for all this stuff. Iíve never really felt that way.
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1996-06-09 Ocean Beach California USA

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Sunday, June 9, 1996


Ocean Beach, California, USA


Java Joe's


Alan Bershaw (MrBB) had this to say about the show: "There are numerous audio sources for this marathon show, none of them complete. Wild night. Video clips from this show are in the Life Uncommon DVD documentary"

  1. Absence of Fear
  2. Carnivore
  3. 1,000 Miles Away
  4. Satellite
  5. A Boy Needs a Bike
  6. Angel Needs A Ride
  7. Fading
  8. If This Is What Love Is
  9. Sometimes It Be That Way
  10. Fragile Heart
  11. Innocence Maintained
  12. Buttercup
  13. Pieces Of You
  14. I'm Sensitive
  15. Tiny Love Spaces
  16. Marital Carnival
  17. Near You Always
  18. Fat Boy
  19. Emily
  20. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (w/Lenedra)
  21. This Little Bird (Lenedra solo)
  22. Studies In Love #12 (now known as Perfectly Clear)
  23. Mary's Getaway Driver
  24. Cold Song
  25. Morning Song
  26. Deep Water
  27. Who Will Save Your Soul
  28. Nikos

  29. Race Car Driver
  30. Amen

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