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1997-02-20 South Hadley Massachusetts USA

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Thursday, February 20, 1997


South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA


Chapin Hall, Mt. Holyoke College

  1. Near You Always
  2. Fire Alarm Goes Off (Pieces of You Ditty)
  3. Morning Song
  4. Absence of Fear
  5. Little Sister
  6. Sometimes It Be That Way
  7. Foolish Games
  8. You Were Meant for Me
  9. Run Tonto Run
  10. Deep Water
  11. Fragile Flame (now known as Fat Boy)
  12. Cold Song
  13. Studies in Love #12 (now known as Perfectly Clear)
  14. Silver Lining
  15. Race Car Driver
  16. Angel Standing By
  17. Mt Holyoke Improv
  18. Chime Bells

  19. Who Will Save Your Soul
  20. Amen
  21. Nikos

+ Old Lover's House with the Rugburns during their set

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