I think that as a singer-songwriter, you get held up to this standard where youíre supposed to be so serious all the time and stand for all this stuff. Iíve never really felt that way.
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2000-11-17 Stockton California USA

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Friday, November 17, 2000


Stockton, California, USA


Fox Theater

  1. Foolish Games
  2. Life Uncommon
  3. Everything Breaks
  4. Lemondrops and Clover
  5. Stephenville, TX
  6. Hands
  7. Morning Song
  8. Little Sister
  9. Innocence Maintained
  10. Rosey & Mick
  11. My Body Is Changing (with Steve Poltz)
  12. My Valentine (with Steve Poltz)
  13. Love Is A Rose (with Steve Poltz)
  14. You Were Meant For Me (with Steve Poltz)
  15. Impala (with Steve Poltz)
  16. Near You Always
  17. Sometimes It Be That Way
  18. Break Me
  19. Who Will Save Your Soul
  20. Per La Gloria D'adorarvi
  21. Chime Bells

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