I wore a traditional wedding gown and diamonds and he wore jeans and a button down shirt!
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2003-03-07 Los Angeles California USA

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Friday, March 7, 2003


Los Angeles, California, USA


Hotel Cafe


This was a Steve Poltz concert (Jewel and Doug Pettibone were unannounced guests)

Steve & Jewel:
  1. I Thought I Saw You Last Night
  2. Old Lovers House
    Jewel solo:
  3. Cowboy's Lament
  4. Louisa And Her Blue Guitar
  5. Near You Always
  6. Violet Eyes
  7. Carnivore
    Steve, Jewel & Doug Pettibone:
  8. You Were Meant For Me (Doug Pettibone on pedal steel)
  9. Silver Lining (Doug Pettibone on slide guitar and piano)
  10. Love Is A Rose (many hilarious improvised verses - almost 14 minutes long! Doug Pettibone on pedal steel, vocals & barking)

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