Because she was mentored by some of the musical greats, she wants to do the same to the next generation of singer-songwriters.
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2004-06-18 Saratoga California USA

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Saratoga, California, USA


Historic Mountain Winery

  1. Near You Always
    Monologue: Passing time after breaking up
  2. Passing Time
    Monologue: Verizon Lady
  3. Deep Water
  4. Down So Long
  5. Stand
  6. The New Wild West
  7. Hands
  8. If My Heart Were Made of Gold
  9. Stephenville, TX
  10. Lemondrops and Clover
  11. Morning Song
    Monologue: Social Anxiety Disorder
  12. Intuition
  13. Foolish Games
  14. You Were Meant for Me
    Monologue: First Song
  15. Who Will Save Your Soul

  16. Everything Reminds Me of You (with Joe Firstman)
  17. Chime Bells

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