I think that as a singer-songwriter, you get held up to this standard where youíre supposed to be so serious all the time and stand for all this stuff. Iíve never really felt that way.
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2004-07-15 Kettering Ohio USA

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Thursday, July 15, 2004


Kettering, Ohio, USA


Fraze Pavilion

  1. Near You Always
    Monologue: Instant Live
  2. Long Slow Slide
    Monologue: Requests
  3. Down So Long
  4. The New Wild West
    Requests from the Audience
  5. Hands
  6. Life Uncommon
  7. Standing Still
  8. A Place in the Sun
  9. Break Me
  10. Studies in Love #12 (now known as Perfectly Clear)
  11. Cowboy's Lament
    Monologue: Social Anxiety Disorder
  12. Intuition
  13. Foolish Games
  14. You Were Meant for Me
    Monologue: First Song
  15. Who Will Save Your Soul

  16. Where You Are
  17. Everything Reminds Me of You (with Joe Firstman)
  18. Chime Bells

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