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2004-07-17 Toronto Ontario Canada

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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Massey Hall


Recordings of Long Slow Slide and Foolish Games from this concert appear on the Again and Again (Australian Single)

  1. Near You Always
    Monologue: Recording for Instant Live and the next record
  2. Long Slow Slide
  3. A Boy Needs a Bike
  4. Stephenville, TX
    Monologue: Bob Dylan Story
  5. Sometimes It Be That Way
  6. Down So Long
  7. Life Uncommon
  8. Hands
  9. Stand
  10. Violet Eyes
  11. Break Me
    Monologue: Social Anxiety Disorder
  12. Intuition
  13. Foolish Games
  14. You Were Meant for Me
  15. 1,000 Miles Away
    Monologue: First Song
  16. Who Will Save Your Soul

  17. Where You Are
  18. Chime Bells

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